Zeroith drafts

A couple days ago, I was mentally drafting a Scathing Footnote. (This is a genre I have not previously explored in any meaningful sense, but I stand in awe of some of the passive aggressive heights reached by masters of the form.) I came across a YouTube channel dedicated to “research,” the apparent goal of which is to mock Bronies and autism. The footnote in my head was basically “Really? Presumably-adult, presumably-male person combing through a bunch of YouTube videos, going to the trouble of uploading them, then uploading them again when they were taken down because of copyright complaints? This is somehow a superior use of time than guys making videos of toys?”

…and then it occurred to me that I am an adult who had been spending time watching videos about toys, and checking the biographies of the posters on YouTube, and following links and googling for more information and reading message board posts about a defunct YouTube channel, and doing scholarly research for the purpose of writing in a somewhat scholarly fashion about those videos about toys.

So I think it’s quite obvious that I am superior to the person re-posting videos for purposes of mockery. But my Scathing Footnote needs work.


On autoplay

I am generally of the opinion that autoplay is evil. If I open a website (or close the easy-to-accidentally-eject DVD on my laptop), I don’t want to hear anything until I ask. This is one of many reasons my phone rarely has the sound turned on, and why I am happy about being speaker-free at work.

This morning, I was searching for unboxing videos on YouTube. (Finally! I think it’s been like two and a half years I’ve been meaning to do this, and in the past few months I’m at last getting down to some writing.) My method is fairly unsophisticated: do a search, open tabs, add tabs to bookmarks for review later. That means I have a bunch of tabs open at once, some of which automatically play ads or the video. So I have recently been subjected to a cacophony of voices and the dulcet tones of Pinkie Pie.

It was actually a bit more soothing than expected. I am quite glad that I have now paused everything, of course, but it was not nearly as annoying as it sounds like it should have been…though I realize that is not saying much.