Storification of last Friday’s PACSCL event

For your edification, I have Storified Building Philadelphia-area Digital Collections: From Project to Plan to Program. This is quick and dirty, based just on hashtag, and I haven’t made any effort to track down anything that was missed or excise anything superfluous. (Especially since that would have been a chunk of the hobbit stuff, which would have been a shame and a misrepresentation of the character of the discussion.)


Description, decolonization, activism, and the quick brown fox

Last week, I went to DVAG’s panel discussion, “Decolonizing Archival Description.” I have Thoughts and Feelings™ I intend to expand upon but probably won’t get around to, based on past performance. So instead, while I should be working on at least three other things, I will toss off a blog post. (Also: thank you to the organizers, panelists, and attendees.)

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Writing women back into history

Wikipedia doesn’t have many women editors, and the articles about or involving women leave something to be desired in both quality and quantity. Next month, there will be a virtual edit-a-thon aimed at improving women’s representation on the site. The dates are loosely defined as March 9-13 (but it doesn’t really matter: that’s the beauty of a virtual event dedicated to pushing around 1s and 0s). I’m going to be lending a hand on March 11 at a meatspace edit-a-thon at Rosemont College.

See Michelle Moravec’s page to sign up, or peruse information on the genesis of the project and editing tips.