Conference presentation post-mortem the second

Photograph of a sun-dappled stone path.
A sun-dappled path at Portland’s Japanese Garden.
I believe I consistently and correctly used the microphone throughout.1 I have not checked the recording to confirm; I am unfond of my voice, and I was there so I don’t really need to listen to the panel again. Though if you weren’t there, Teressa Raiford is most definitely worth listening to, both from a content and presentation perspective.

I had vague intentions to do a more extensive write-up of the conference, but currently lack the time/energy. Let’s just say that I’m glad I went, I’m grateful for currently enjoying institutional support for professional development, I approved of recurring themes of the conference (including the Liberated Archives Forum), and I feel some cautious optimism about the direction of the profession.2

  1. I was on a panel at the Liberated Archives Forum on the last day of SAA’s annual meeting, #ArchivesForBlackLives: Archivists Respond to Black Lives Matter, with Celia Caust-Ellenborgen, Faith Charlton, and Teressa Raiford. I doubt we’ll do anything with slides but, like most of the panels, there’s an audio recording. 
  2. Optimism largely driven by comments from all-too-rare archivists of color; caution largely driven by innate pragmatism and all-too-common data points like the most recent flare-up on #thatdarnlist. (I don’t subscribe and neither should you.)