Warm and fuzzy

Researchers have been requesting materials I processed. This is unsurprising, given that I have mainly worked on the technical end of things and I’ve done processing work on a number of collections. My most recent job titles have, in fact, incorporated the phrase “Processing Archivist.” But still. I feel like a Really Useful Engine.

My name also popped up in a researcher’s acknowledgements. (My assistance was pretty minor and non-substantive.) I think it’s the first time that’s happened since I’ve been in the field. (Again, unsurprising that it wasn’t happening, since I’ve been on the technical end of things rather than working a lot of reference.) A colleague talked about how she felt the first time it happened to her—suddenly she was googleable, in the era before Google was a verb (or, possibly, a company), and one of her colleagues predicted she’d only become more visible. Most of my search engine visibility has, historically, been driven by material I have created, so this type of reference is a bit of a change. But again, I feel the warm fuzziness of utility and third-party acknowledgement of my professional existence.