Later this month I’ll be in Boston for the MARAC spring conference. I’m looking forward to it: the program looks good, it’s my first professional conference, and it’s the first time in a couple years I’ve felt comfortable scheduling a multi-day trip. As a bonus, I know a bunch of people in Boston, so I’ll get in some socialization as well as conferencing. I expect to crash pretty hard into introvert time on the train back home.

I am also looking forward to MARCH’s Telling Untold Histories unconference next month. (Though I confess I’m not particularly looking forward to getting up early enough to make it into Camden by 8:30. Benefits of booking at the conference hotel in Boston.) I was initially considering this sort of a consolation prize. I was seriously considering going to the annual NCPH conference in Nashville, but decided that this was not the time to try to swing two out-of-state conferences within a month of each other. (Next year in Baltimore, maybe.) Now that it’s getting closer, I’m getting more excited about this opportunity to geek out on the public history front.