On autoplay

I am generally of the opinion that autoplay is evil. If I open a website (or close the easy-to-accidentally-eject DVD on my laptop), I don’t want to hear anything until I ask. This is one of many reasons my phone rarely has the sound turned on, and why I am happy about being speaker-free at work.

This morning, I was searching for unboxing videos on YouTube. (Finally! I think it’s been like two and a half years I’ve been meaning to do this, and in the past few months I’m at last getting down to some writing.) My method is fairly unsophisticated: do a search, open tabs, add tabs to bookmarks for review later. That means I have a bunch of tabs open at once, some of which automatically play ads or the video. So I have recently been subjected to a cacophony of voices and the dulcet tones of Pinkie Pie.

It was actually a bit more soothing than expected. I am quite glad that I have now paused everything, of course, but it was not nearly as annoying as it sounds like it should have been…though I realize that is not saying much.