On the blog title

One of my first grad classes as a matriculated student was Seth Bruggeman’s Managing History. As an introduction to public history, he showed the class an episode of The Simpsons, “Lisa the Iconoclast.” At least one of his former students has followed suit at a different institution. It really does provide a good starting point for discussion.

I had, of course, incorporated “cromulent” into my vocabulary many years before. (And doing the math to calculate how old some of the other student were when the episode first aired made me feel old.) So the title “Imperfectly Cromulent” is intended to be playful, with a connection not only to the public history field but the broader American context. It also implies, in a not entirely disparaging way, less than polished content. This is a space more for ruminations than articles. There may be footnotes on occasion, but there will be no peer review. Any perfectly cromulent work of that nature will appear elsewhere. This is an old fashioned personal blog.